About Me!

Here I am! Soy una mujer en Santo Domingo, Republica Dominicana. But I’m from Oakland, California. I have recently moved from the States to the DR in a world where I am everything but fluent and now 30. This blog is just documenting some of my experiences, and adventures of my travels. Although I’m teaching ELA- HS Lit., I cannot promise this will be edited… well. The best thing you’ll get from me is correct spelling. LoL

En general, yo quiero aprende espanol, bueno. Y yo quiero un esposo…  un Dominicano? No importa.

I will be attempting Spanish and Spanglish in this blog, and I try to keep as to date as possible… but life is a lot of work!

Wrap it up… know your status… and see you in cyber world.

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