My Ideal Love

I know love is godly, and it is acted out through humans. It’s not perfect, but perfect in its collections of moments. Everything won’t be sunshine and daisies, but there can be an unbreakable bound. It is work, although moments of easiness. But one can dream right?

  1. I want to write someone love letters. Love letters that make them blush, and feel special. Love letters that sometimes are in form of a text, and people with them can notice the change. Love letters that sing of the lifetime seen in their eyes, and the comfort in their lips.
  2. I want to make memories. Events and moments that make us smile, even when not together. Ones that get us through the hard times. Ones that we talk about when we’re old, and recall with laughter to our grandchildren. Ones that make us chuckle when walking through mundaneness.
  3. I want a love where we dance in silence in the living room. Finding any reason to press our bodies together, and sway to the music of our heartbeats. I want to dance bachata, and a shitty salsa, that make us giggle as we step on toes. I want to do the twist, and the millie rock. Head bang and get krunk. I want to make our children get embarrassed, but sigh at our corniness. I want to be that old couple that have danced so many years together, we move like water.
  4. I want a love that makes us just exist and shine. Even when alone, people see the glow from our spirit, individually, and ask our lifestyles. Love that makes me feel beautiful even when I feel my worst. And love that makes him feel hansom and godly, Emperor’s New Clothes swag. Even if no one knows of our love, they know the signs of it.
  5. I want a love that makes us feel that every love song was written for us. That writers old and new took a look into our lives, and were inspired to write anthologies. For our love to be a muse to poets and singers in and out of time. A love that inspired The Renaissance, and everyone agrees… and took notes.
  6. I want a love that is secure. One that we never questions ones actions, we never feel forgot, no one ever feels unthought of or unimportant. Love that military in other countries call and request suggestions. The Kremlin don’t have shit on our love kind of love.
  7. I want a love the puts me to sleep at night. That their smell brings such a since of calm, that babies get jealous. No late nights unless under the sheets, or just sitting together in silence in the greatest of comforts. Love that never make us question or wonder. Never tears shed or hurt feelings… that can’t be dried, repaired, and forgiven. Love that even in the ugly, it is so substantial, that there is no way not to acknowledge the beauty. That even in our humanity, it reflects Mount Olympus.
  8. I want a love in pride. Love that we are proud of. Love that we want to share and declare from mountain tops. Love that’s sometimes so deep it’s scary, but we’re excited for the love. Love where you want everyone in your world to know about it, and find as many possibilities to proclaim it. Love where my lovers is my most priceless and cherished accessory.

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