Dating in Chi- Town: The Beginnings

All I can literally do is laugh. I’ve been here a month, dated two guys about 3 weeks, and been told off by another.

So let’s be honest, I definitely downloaded Tinder. How else do you meet people when the few people you do know in the city have children? I am also on Meet-up, but still not really comfortable about being in the streets at night.

1st, the principal. Cool dude, liked who he was as a person. He liked to tell me he was handsome… okay. He gave me a lot of compliments, but in retrospect, I’m beginning to think was given just to be returned. We were going out, he was quite the gentleman, then nothing. It happened on a Tuesday. We were supposed to plan a get up, he fell sleep. Ehh… okay. Next day, I had an interview then went to the DMV for a couple hours. Let’s say I came home hungry, tired and cranky. I told him the first and the third… never heard from him again. Oh, cause I took a nap and I guess took too long to reply, or he thought I was being petty. I’m also pretty sure he wanted more from me… but it was only a few weeks. Seriously? Am I really supposed to be making house calls, tonging dudes down, and giving up the goodies? Naw, that ain’t me… well, unless sheer lust, then it’s a let go, and I’m past those. Alas.

2nd, Ohio Loco. He’s not even from Ohio, just his number (he had a stalker), and he made sure he let me know. This dude is crazy, angry, and deranged. Says future goal was to work for self, although no clue doing what, and as he told his mother, he was not interested in night school, or applying for grants or scholarships just in case, in the end, has to pay them back after I informed him otherwise. We had to change the subject cause discussion was pissing him off. Same interview day, he hits me up 5x in an hour, after I asked for him to wait till I got home. When we spoke and I mentioned, he flipped on me, cursing loudly, so I hung up. He calls back to hang up on me because I was too reserved and wouldn’t talk about my sexual behaviors during a hypothetical Netflix night scenario… right. He then texts and says we aren’t going to work (duh!). A few hours later, this dude texts me, apologizing and says he blacked out at gym, and needed to speak to me to feel better. Naw homie, swerve. He texts and calls twice a day, until the fourth day (I’ve responded to none) he texts me stating, and I quote, “ugly ass bitch lose some weight and grow some hair.” To that I responded. “LoL.”

3rd, The Local. This dude was hella cool. We would walk my dog and talk for hours. He was… fluffy, not my type,  so no rush… cool dude, who knows? He had other plans. Movie night… didn’t end well, now who the fuck knows? I know I don’t hide my feelings very well and they’re written all over my face. That’s how I lose homies, because I can’t fix my face. I had a lonely dog walk the next day. Dammit man!

And that’s where this starts. From the aforementioned guys, to dudes who call themselves world travelers whose favorite spot in WHOLE WORLD is Vegas, and never responded to non- US location. I’ve been argued down by the tired “whose best rapper outta Pac and Biggie?” and intellectual dudes who can’t carry a convo.

I need better…  but hell, it’s been a month. I’m cool Ice Cold. I’m cool.

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